It's simple really. I want to offer the best custom shoes in the world!

My style is unmistakable. I have worked for years perfecting my craft and skills to get the most out of my talent.  Most who know me, know me for my specialty of "Freehand Painting", meaning not using stencils or other aids in crafting the shoes.  I personally feel this gives each shoe a true art sense and the challenges it presents continue to make me better.

As a professional artist since 1998 I have always enjoyed creating ideas that could represent my passions, interest and surroundings. My life has always been "custom" making everything my way, so it represented myself better.  Shoes, fashion and culture surrounded my influence growing up and still does today.  Shoes were always a big deal to me, the design, the color and the status of having something "hard to get".  Having spent years in the Action Sports and fashion worlds creating artwork around the clock , the concept of going back to the simpler school day roots of hand painting jackets and back packs for friends, was a welcome thought.  

The idea of taking a blank shoe and turning it into a wearable work of art, has quickly become a favorite process of creation for me.  What started out as a fun way to keep my art skills on point in between big paintings, murals and drawing, quickly snowballed into a full time gig.  I never thought it would take off as big as it has, seeing my work go to the corners of the world, going to events and showcasing my art in the form of custom kicks is truly humbling.  Each client that enlist me to create for them, and the thrill of the finished product are what keep me going.

-Chad Cantcolor


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