Chad Cantcolor is an American Modern Pop Artist residing in the greater Los Angeles area.

Known for his brush work with heavy outlines, creating his iconic style of blending surreal and real into the same space, often hiding “Easter Eggs” into each piece.  Completely self-taught, acrylic paint is his preferred medium.

His work is a direct product of growing up on cartoons, skateboarding, punk rock and counterculture. These subjects serve as the melting pot for his creations, often finding beauty in the chaos.  Chad’s art can be found through exhibits and installations worldwide on canvas, sneakers and walls.

His client list includes many known faces through entertainment, sports and brand collaborations. Chad sees everyday objects as a potential canvas, pushing the envelope of what art can be with the right perspective. 

“Art has the power to create a mood, inspire and change the world as we see it.  We don’t need art to live, but it makes it worth living.”

- Chad Cantcolor