Here you will find my most asked questions on getting your own custom pair of sneakers.  Please take the time to read through and it "should" answer what you are after. If not, please send over a request HERE.
All other Art and general FAQ's can be found below.
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How much for these shoes?
This is the worst question ever, yet the most common.  There is no one set price for a custom piece of art/pair of custom sneakers.
I treat each pair on an individual basis because each client is an individual.  It's based on the following things the Shoe Model, the artwork and the amount of details/time going into the customization.  The best way to compare how it's priced is if you were going to get a custom tattoo.  The process is similar from a design stand point.
All custom Pricing is NON-NEGOITABLE.  All orders must be paid in FULL prior to actually starting the customization process. This also secures a guaranteed spot in the schedule.
Do you do custom designs?
Of course, it's a huge part of the "getting custom shoes". That said, I will not copy another's work and most always each pair will be a 1 of 1, never to be duplicated. (With the exception of my general release series and special projects)
Use the contact form HERE, provide all the details and I will get back to you so we can create something great.
How long does it take to make my shoes?
This various by the time of year and current orders already in front of yours.  Most all my shoes in my shop show an estimated lead time. I also will give you an estimate if different from that at the time of purchase.  While I do my best to stick to the schedule, please understand this is art and great art takes time.
I will keep you updated as the process moves along ,but I recommend reaching out approx. a week prior to your scheduled ship date.
*If you have a hard deadline, please let me know up front to see if it is possible on current schedule.
Will you draw what it will look like first?
No, for two main reasons. First, if I spent the same amount of time sketching an idea down on paper, your shoes would cost twice as much.  I also feel that doing this can take the "energy" out of a design and would rather put that energy into the actual shoes.
Secondly, based on the first reason, my "pre drawing" is really nothing more than scribbles and shapes to remind me what goes where as I am painting.  Shoes are multi dimensional objects and the art needs to adapt around the shoes as I go, making sure noting distorts are looks odd.
I have been doing this a long time and if you are here, you already have a good idea of what I am capable of...little trust on knowing I can make your idea better than you can ever imagine will go a long way.
I need this size
All of my sizes listed on this site are in USA sizing.  Any shoe box you have typically has the conversion listed right on the box.  Additionally each brand of shoes has there own conversion table on their sites. I choose not to list one here as some brands differ and I am not responsible for you ordering the wrong size.  Please do your research prior to purchasing to ensure your new customs actually fit.
How does the custom paint hold up against the world?
The paint, the process and the final sealer used do a great job to protect your custom shoes. They are the best proven products in the world.
Under normal casual wearing conditions your shoes will last the normal lifespan of a regular pair of shoes. Keep in mind you are wearing "custom works of art" on your feet. You just paid and waited for your custom sneakers, treat them with care.
Will the paint wash off?
No, it is a permanent bond with the shoe. Its waterproof as much as the base shoe was.  If you get caught in the rain, no worries.
How do I care for my customs?
In real the world things happen; food falls and drinks get spilled. How do you clean and not ruin your customs?
The best proven method is if your able to, use a gentle foam cleaner, such as Angelus Brand Foam-tex and a microfiber cloth. For on the go accidents or just general dirt/dust warm water on a soft cloth will work just fine.
Never through them in a washing machine, never mow your yard in them, use common sense and you'll be just fine.
Are all your shoes legit?
100% Everything comes from only reputable shops such as Nike direct, Adidas Direct, Footlocker, Finishline, Vans and so on.
Are the shoes included in the price on your site?
For all the ones listed in my shop, yes. It will say right in the listing "WHAT YOU GET".  On custom inquiries the shoe cost of course will vary depending on what shoe we decide on, or if you will be sending shoes in.
I need a bulk order for an (insert event here) Can you accomodate this?
In short, of course with in reason. I get inquires for weddings, corporate events, bachelor parties and the list goes on.
Depending on your order size, the lead times will vary greatly so your best bet is to send all your info on the project with date needed by and I will contact you to get the project underway.
Specific Need by Date/Rush to Head of the Line
If you have an event or special occasion you need your shoes by, of course contact me to see what can be done. I try to help in any way possible, but please keep in mind at any time of the year, there are other spending their hard earned money to get customs from me as well. 
If you can not wait the current wait list time for your shoes and need them right away a "Head of the Line" fee will be applied. This is double the quoted or listed base price for the shoes.  Additional fees may apply for shipping as well.  To get your's in front of everyone's means I have to rearrange the entire schedule to fit your's in and still make sure no corners are cut.
Can you copy/make like this?
No, I will not copy another Artist work and hope/wish that no one would copy my artwork.  That is a big no no to me and why would want something others already have?
You are coming to me because my style is unique and I am the best at what I do. Let me create something just as unique as you are.
Can I send you my shoes to paint?
Yes, with the following rule - they must be new or in new condition. I also must know what you are sending prior to shipping and if they show up in non-new condition, I reserve the right to send back at the client's expense.
Will you repeat a design you did?
Yes and No. If it was a 1 of 1 then no. A lot of times I will create a similar version for you, just ask.  Other designs I consider "limited" runs allowing a certain number of pairs to be created before I retire the design.
I chipped, scraped my customs
The shoes hold up remarkably well to the world. I have athletes using on the fields and courts, putting them to the test.
That said, if you manage to screw one up, shoot me an email and I'll do what I can to get you fixed up.  Buyer is responsible for shipping.
Can you restore my...?
Sorry, I don't do restorations as I am focused on the customizing side currently.  I can recommend reputable Artist that specialize in restores.
I live outside the USA, can you ship to me?
Yes! A large amount of my clients are abroad. If I can ship there, you can get them there.
Return Policy
Due to the nature of these products all custom orders are final. The consultation and communication along the process serve solidify you to know exactly what you are getting.  If a package is damaged in shipping, immediate notification shall be sent to me so we can properly handle the issue.  All orders are carefully packed and made to withstand the abuse of shipping worldwide.
Looking for an art commission? (Canvas, Mural, design work,etc) Let's talk.
Please contact direct at customerservice@chadcantcolor.com
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